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Character 6 bedroom House for sale in Saint Junien, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249598
Magnificent 6 bedroom Bourgeoise manor house, which is beautifully nestled right in the heart of a quiet residential quarter, yet just a short stroll from the heart of Saint Junien bustling town ce...
895,000 EUR
Character 13 bedroom Chateau for sale with panoramic and countryside views in Parcoul Chenaud, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249595
Grand, spacious and historic 13 bedroom manor house/chateau, located in a quiet setting in Parcoul Chenaud, set within a large 3.7 hectare plot with a feature pond. This superb property features 5...
1,010,000 EUR
Character 12 bedroom French Chateau with countryside view in Carcassonne, Occitanie
Ref 249574
Charming 12 bedroom 16th Century Chateau, set within a large park of 5.7 hectares, with 3 separate dwellings and various outbuildings. With large and bright rooms with high ceilings, this historic...
1,250,000 EUR
Character 10 bedroom French Chateau with countryside and panoramic views in Avignon, Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur
Ref 249532
In excellent condition throughout and totally renovated, this authentic 19th Century stone built property features 10 bedrooms with 9 shower rooms divided into main dwelling and 2 apartments, an or...
1,495,000 EUR
Character 10 bedroom Chateau for sale with panoramic and countryside views in Agen, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249512
In excellent condition throughout and probably one of the most remarkable properties in Lot et Garonne, this ancient fortified domain, that traces its origins back to the era of the Knights Templar...
1,990,000 EUR
Character 7 bedroom Chateau for sale with panoramic and countryside views in Angouleme, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249509
Magnificent Florentine-style chateaue, which has been built on its 13th Century medieval foundations and surrounded by a dry moat, is full of history and is full of beauty and charm. The current ...
2,200,000 EUR
Unique 8 bedroom Chateau for sale with countryside and panoramic views in Estree Blanche, Hauts de France
Ref 249493
Full of authentic character and charm and beautifully presented, this fairy-tale Chateau, which has only been owned by two families since 1799, is nestled in a picturesque valley within around 6.6 ...
2,198,000 EUR
Historical 9 bedroom Chateau for sale with countryside and panoramic views in Felletin, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249459
In excellent condition throughout, this historical and impressive 7 bedroom chateau is set within beautifully maintained grounds and is ripe for conversion into a hotel, wedding venue or other busi...
1,643,000 EUR
Grand 12 bedroom House for sale with countryside view in Bergerac, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249438
Superb country Chateau estate offering French charm at its best..... Fabulous tennis court, covered dining and barbecue area and secluded swimming pool, all set within a fabulous location within ju...
1,695,000 EUR
Grand 5 bedroom Chateau for sale with panoramic and countryside views in Ambeyrac, Occitanie
Ref 249435
Magnificent Thirteenth Century medieval chateau standing proudly above the Lot valley with superb views over the river, just 15 minutes from Cajarc and Figeac. Classified as a historic monument ...
958,000 EUR
8 bedroom Chateau for sale with countryside view with Income Potential in Saint Sulpice d'Excideuil, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249360
Exceptionally restored 6 bedroom elegant Chateau with separate 2 bedroom guest house, nestling in 2 acres of beautiful landscaped gardens with pool and outbuildings, while enjoying scenic countrysi...
1,290,000 EUR
Immaculate 11 bedroom Chateau for sale with countryside and panoramic views in Bordeaux, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249341
Immaculately presented 11 bedroom light-coloured limestone Chateau, situated in a quiet setting close to Bordeaux. With an overhauled slate-covered roof, the chateau is positioned at the centre of...
3,850,000 EUR
12 bedroom Chateau for sale with lake or river view with Income Potential in Chatellerault, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249229
Enchanting 19th century, 12 bedroom Chateau with spacious outbuilding, nestling in over 11 acres of glorious land with lake, gardens and pool, while enjoying scenic countryside views from its peace...
1,699,000 EUR
Income Potential 12 bedroom Chateau for sale with countryside view in Le Mans, Pays de la Loire
Ref 249223
Enchanting 3 storey, 12 bedroom historical Chateau with separate lodge, nestling in over 5 hectares of glorious land with river frontage, beautiful gardens, pool and vineyard, located in a peacefu...
1,595,000 EUR
Income Potential 15 bedroom Chateau for sale with countryside view in Haut Anjou, Pays de la Loire
Ref 249222
Exceptional beautifully restored historical French Chateau, nestling in over 10 hectares of glorious land with majestic gardens and pool, while enjoying far reaching countryside views from its peac...
3,850,000 EUR
Income Producing 25 bedroom Chateau for sale with countryside view in Bordeaux, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249214
Wonderful opportunity to acquire a magnificent estate comprising of a 10 bedroom historical French Chateau, 5 gites, a separate one bedroom house, all nestling in over 16 hectares of glorious land ...
10,500,000 EUR
Character 4 bedroom Manor House for sale with countryside view in Angouleme, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249183
Magnificent manor house, which was fully renovated in 2002, situated in an ideal location close to the city yet in a tranquil and lush setting in Angouleme. Offering 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a ...
1,272,000 EUR
Character 8 bedroom Chateau for sale with countryside view in Perigueux, Nouvelle Aquitaine
Ref 249138
Magnificent 15th and 17th Century chateau, located in a quiet setting between Riberac (15 minutes) and Perigueux (25 minutes), just 50 minutes from Saint-Emilion and an hour from Bordeaux. Renovat...
3,950,000 EUR
Character 9 bedroom Chateau for sale in Narbonne, Occitanie
Ref 249047
Charming Nineteenth Century Chateau, located in the heart of a vibrant French village, just moments from Narbonne and a mere 22-minute drive to the Mediterranean shores. Conveniently situated for ...
750,000 EUR
8 bedroom Chateau for sale with countryside view with Income Potential in Chantonnay, Pays de la Loire
Ref 249015
Nestling in over 5.5 acres of glorious land with gardens, pool and fruit trees, is this enchanting 8 bedroom Chateau with extra accommodation and outbuildings, located near all amenities in Chanton...
1,380,000 EUR

Area Guide

Living the dream of owning a large, spectacular and historic building in many countries can often be somewhat difficult to realise. Not so, France. Almost every department has its share of imposing tower-topped chateaux dominating the landscape, if no longer the people. From long-forgotten manorial houses to the very largest monastic and secular palaces, a French chateau offers a vision of mystique and romance that perhaps the more solidly defensive English castles cannot touch.

Why buy a French Chateau?

At present, large estates are offering superb value for money compared to other prestige property around the world. Boasting acres of land, lakes, outbuildings and their own capacious floor spaces, a French chateau gives one the opportunity and space to choose how to live and work. Taking the figure of 1 Million Euros as an example, a French chateau costing this will far outweigh, in real terms, the real estate offered by other luxury and prestige property of the same price. In many locations, you are paying for exactly that - location - and will no doubt be jostling with other similar properties for the best view. A French chateau offers the rare ability to look out from your window and survey no land but your own.

The rise in disposable income and the freedom to travel between countries ensures that there is strong interest in buying such property for a family home or a tourism business - perhaps for fishing, an equestrian school, hunting, outdoor sports, walking or wildlife watching. The fairytale bulk of a French chateau is also one of its main attractions, particularly for weddings or hotel accommodation. What bride would not wish to be married within an ancient chapel bathed by soft light streaming through its stained glass windows, then withdraw across the lawn to the main building with its ornate decoration a background to the big day and the sounds of history echoing from its walls?

Many such properties also have existing income from timber or wine production.

French chateau types

If you are looking to buy a French chateau, be it for pleasure or business, we have many beautiful properties to choose from with prices of approximately 300,000 EUR to over 20 Million EUR. These properties take many forms, from smaller Logis and manor houses to fortified farmsteads and enormous stately homes encompassing many hectares of land with woods, lakes, guest houses and outbuildings.

A chateau, because of its size and history, usually has over 1 hectare of land - usually this is much more, even with lower budget examples. While there is a limited supply of French chateaux that are up for sale at any given time, there is likely to be a great variety. You may wish to buy a large building with little land to make your money go further. Or you may wish to buy a smaller Logis-style property, but utilise the land for horses, hunting or wildlife. However, there are many examples of chateaux for sale on the market with a large floor space and several dozen hectares, but they are understandably more expensive but not overly so. 1 million EUR can easily buy you 500m2 of floor space on several levels plus 20 hectares of land.

Whether a chateau dates from the 10th or 20th century, it will have its own style and history of decoration. Some can be a mix of styles from different periods as fashion and the owner's availability of funds changed. Other examples of French chateaux appear not to have changed since they were built. Many were built in the early 19th century as France became more dominant and wealthy. There are similarities between properties in that you are likely to find original features such as stone fireplace, parquet flooring, mouldings and carvings dotted around the rooms.

Where to buy a French chateau for sale

You can buy a French chateau in all states of preservation; from windowless shells requiring total renovation, to those requiring part-decoration, to immaculate 19th century bourgeois stately homes, the amount you will need to spend will depend on how much work you are willing to undertake. Being large properties, renovations can be very costly and time-consuming but need not be outside the budget of most serious buyers if planned correctly. Typically, to arrive at a habitable building you will need to spend around a total of around 500,000 Euros, whether you opt to renovate or buy an already renovated example.

Obviously, the more you spend to begin with, the larger the chateau, outbuildings and land you will acquire. While not always true, like most things it is usually sound advice to spend more at the outset to buy a good example than spend money creating one. In other words, it is better to let the previous owner use their money and time!

Our portfolio includes a great selection of French chateaux for sale in many areas of France. The Loire valley and the nearby departments offer particularly good investment opportunities for the chateau property buyer and we have over 30 examples in the Indre-et-Loire, Loir et Cher, Indre, Maine et Loire and Seine et Marne alone. Other good 'populations' exist in the Parisian departments and the south east, south west and north east areas of France. The market is remarkably fluid below 1.5 Million euros, with highly desirable properties changing hands within weeks of being offered for sale. This compares favourably with other prestige markets with regards to 'on-market' times.

Buying a Property in France

1. Signing the Agreement (Compris)

On finding a property you wish to purchase you will need to negotiate the terms, price and conditions of the sale with the owner.

The next step, once you are in agreement, is to sign the preliminary contract (Compromis de Vente). This is a legal document and after ten days will be binding on both parties. Rules change frequently in France and it is best to consult with your notary about when this period starts. Generally the compris will be signed in France with the Agent.

Variants can be included in the compris, for example an Acte (clause) can be added if the name or names to go on the title deed have not been finalised. If a mortgage will be required to purchase the property, the details for this, including the name of the mortgage company, must be on the compris.

2. Paying the Deposit

Generally the deposit will be 10% of the agreed purchase price. This will normally be paid to the notaire. There are exceptions to this, if the agent holds a carte professionelle, is bonded and fully registered then you may pay them, but do not hand over the deposit to anyone else. If for some reason the purchase does not go through, for example, if you write to the notaire and the agent that you do not wish to go continue with the purchase before the contract is binding (within seven days of signing the compris), then your deposit would be repaid. This would also apply if a condition had not been met, or the mayor or S.A.F.E.R. (a government agency that has the right of first purchase on most rural property that comes onto the market in France) could oblige the purchaser to give way. If you decide after the seven days 'cooling off' period that you do not wish to complete the purchase and pull out of the sale you would lose your deposit. If however the vendor pulls out of the sale then you will receive your deposit back plus the same amount from the vendor.

3. On Completion

Generally it will take around two or three months to complete the purchase.

During this time the balance of the purchase money must be paid into the account of the notaire, this must be done well ahead of the completion date. The notaire will prepare the documents, check that the deed of sale (Acte de Vente) is in order and have the legal title ready to be signed over. It is possible to have someone sign on your behalf if you give them power of attorney. An interpreter may be of use at this point if your French is not very good and many Notaires will suggest (or insist) that an interpreter is with you.

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